Merck Foundation More Than a Patient


Merck Foundation More Than a Patient empowers female cancer survivors to reclaim their lives by reintegration into society

“Merck Foundation More than a Patient” in partnership with “Women For Cancer” support women cancer survivors to establish their own small business so that they can lead an independent and productive life.

“I am very happy that “Merck Foundation More than a Patient” has this positive impact on these women’s lives. Through our collaboration with cancer patients associations and cancer institutions across Africa, we aim to help uplift women cancer survivors to reclaim their lives and become active contributors to the economy – and by doing so, they can now give back to the society through their new businesses. They will become more than cancer patients. In addition to our efforts, we will raise awareness about early detection and prevention, especially addressing cancer in women,” says Dr Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation.

Benda Kithaka and Cofounder and Board Chair of ‘Women For Cancer Early Detection & Treatment’ emphasizes: “We are grateful to Merck Foundation for the continued support towards ‘Women For Cancer’ survivors and our recent collaboration through the “Merck Foundation More Than a Patient” initiative. The cancer patients are also appreciative that Merck Foundation is assisting them to make strides in gaining financial independence beyond their cancer survivorship.”

Merck Foundation addresses the myths and stigma associated with cancer with a special focus on women to empower communities to access accurate cancer information, which should result in behaviour change coupled with adoption of health seeking behaviour for quality cancer prevention and care.

Watch these videos of the experience and transformation of women cancer survivors after meeting “Merck Foundation More than a Patient”.

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