Message from CEO of Merck Foundation, Senator Rasha Kelej, on Merck Foundation “Stay at Home” Media Recognition Awards 2020 announcing the best of COVID-19 reportage from the Democratic Republic of the Congo



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I am proud to share the winners of the Merck Foundation ‘Stay at Home’ Media Recognition Awards for Democratic Republic of the Congo in partnership with H.E. DENISE NYAKERU TSHISEKEDI, The First Lady of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Ambassador of Merck More Than A Mother. The theme of the awards was ‘Raising Awareness on how to Stay Safe and Keep Physically and Mentally Healthy during Coronavirus Lockdown’ with the aim to separate facts from myths and misconceptions.

I would like to congratulate all the winners. They represent the best of reporting in the field of journalism and have earned the reward by standing out in a group of very impressive applicants. We look forward to a long-term association to further raise awareness and be the voice of the voiceless, particularly during such a global health pandemic.

Here are the winners from Democratic Republic of Congo in partnership with The First Lady of Democratic Republic of Congo, H.E. DENISE NYAKERU TSHISEKEDI in the below four categories:
1. Online Category
2. Print Category
3. Multimedia Category
4. Radio Category

The quality of work received was impressive, therefore, the Merck Foundation Media Awards Committee has introduced a second and a third position and selected more than one winner, on some occasions, for each of the Four Categories.

Moreover, the valuable contribution from the winners in sensitizing their respective communities about COVID 19 has encouraged us to additionally reward them all to become Merck Foundation Alumni and provide them with one-year access to an online educational training program called “MasterClass”. The MasterClass is an immersive online experience and self-paced learning course in English that can be accessed anywhere with the Internet. This offering from Merck Foundation aims to motivate passionate journalists to continue writing and advocating for social, economic and health issues across their countries.

Big congratulations to all the winners again from Democratic Republic of Congo, keep up the good work.


Kind regards,
Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej
CEO of Merck Foundation
President of Merck More Than A Mother
One of The Most Influential Africans ( 2019 & 2020 )
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