Message from CEO of Merck Foundation, Senator Rasha Kelej, on the release of the “Girls Can” song to support girl education


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Educating Linda Song: “Girl Can" by Irene Logan and Cwesi Oteng from Liberia and Ghana

I am very happy to share this beautiful song "Girl Can" as a part of Merck Foundation More Than a Mother Movement to discover African talent that can produce songs and music to address the stigma of infertility to sensitize African communities to say No to infertility stigma and to raise awareness about women’s role in society which is beyond only being mothers. 


Women are more than Mother. Women are not baby-making machines, they are productive members in society, whether they are mothers or not, moreover, men equally cause infertility like women so why are they solely been blamed for it.


Since I am the executive director of this video clip, I have added few animation and illustration, hope you like our final edition. …. And stay tuned for our next new song from Mozambique in Portuguese soon …..


Girls CAN, Do Anything, Be Anything….


Kind regards,

Senator Dr. Rasha Kelej 

CEO of Merck Foundation & 

President of Merck More Than a Mother

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