Merck Foundation has raced to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic in partnership with 20 African First Ladies, Ministries of Health, Information and Education focusing on four main areas:

1. Community Support:Merck Foundation partners with African First Ladies supported livelihood of thousands of women and casual workers affected by Coronavirus lockdown.

2. Healthcare Capacity Building: Merck Foundation started Coronavirus healthcare capacity building by providing online one-year diplomas and two-year master’s degree in Respiratory Medicines and Acute Medicines for African Doctors

3. Community Awareness through media Awards: Merck Foundation announced, 'Mask Up with Care' Media Recognition Awards for media fraternity and "Make your Own Mask" Fashion Awards for the fashion community, with the aim to raise awareness on how to adapt best protection measures such as wearing your masks to show you care and love your family & community; to encourage your community to choose to vaccinate when it is available and to sensitize them to support healthcare workers who are at the forefront of COVID 19 pandemic.

4. Community awareness for Children and Youth: Merck Foundation launched an inspiring storybook ‘Making the Right Choice’ in partnership with African First Ladies to sensitize children and youth about Coronavirus.

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Our Videos

Merck Foundation Stay at Home Africa Media Recognition Awards Ceremony - VC 2020

Merck Foundation First Ladies Initiative - VC Summit 2020

President of Liberia, H. E. MR. GEORGE WEAH created song to raise awareness about Corona virus

Merck Foundation in partnership with First Lady of Niger donate solidarity food kits in Niger

“My White Army” Rasha Kelej ,11 Singers,11 Countries to support Coronavirus medical staff in Africa

Merck Foundation and Rebecca Foundation support workers affected by Coronavirus lockdown

Corona awareness video by the First Lady of Liberia, H. E. CLAIRE WEAH

H.E. MRS. FATOMATTOU BAH-BARROW raise awareness about Coronavirus prevention.

“My White Army” Rasha Kelej ,11 Singers,11 Countries to support Coronavirus medical staff in Africa.

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