About 4th Edition Of UNESCO Merck Africa Research Summit


The 4th edition of the UNESCO-MERCK Africa Research Summit (UNESCO-MARS) consolidates the cooperation among the two Organizations for what concerns capacity building in STEM with special focus on the life sciences in the African continent. Indeed, after the previous successful editions, UNESCO and Merck Foundation join hands again to respond to Africa’s STISA 2024, reinforcing the axiom that only through building local capacities can Africa rise again to becoming an equal partner in advancing STEM research and education. The 4th Edition was conducted in partnership with the African Union.

Recalling UNESCO’s priorities: Africa and Gender, and finding a common ground in the framework of the "Merck STEM Program for Women and Youth", this year’s edition of the Summit will focus on

  1. Build research capacity in the African (scientific) health research community
  2. Discuss challenges, opportunities and proposed strategies to support health decision making in low- and middle-income countries
  3. Empowering African Young Researchers and Women Researchers and advance their research capacity and promote their contribution to STEM
  4. Provide networking opportunities to strength the scientific community and their impact on African society and media communication
  5. Define solutions to address sustainability challenges in Africa.

The long-term scope of this initiative is to give a strong contribution in building capacities in STEM-relates fields - in the African continent. Continuing this virtuous cycle of valorizing of local talents, UNESCO and Merck Foundation aim to support Africa in becoming a hub for scientific excellence and technological innovation.

The 4th UNESCO- MARS roundtable meeting was attended by African Ministers of Health, Science And Technology, Education, Information And Gender.

Watch Video - UNESCO – Merck Africa Research Summit (MARS) 2019 Meeting in Accra, Ghana